Another sign of the slight shrinking of Comic-Con as a movie studio marketing tool: there will be no sponsored wi-fi in the convention center this year. While that sounds sad, it was often so clogged it was next to useless, resulting in a spinning beachball and a drained battery.

It’s also likely that the free wifi that the city and Cox Communications have planned for the days around the event. As strong as this may be, it doesn’t reach over Harbor Drive to the convention center. Live blogging panels is going to be a phone only thing IF you can get online.

IN past years the convention enter wifi was sponsored by stuff like Teen Wolf and some Shia LaBeouf movie I’ve forgotten the name of. I’m sure the cost was well into five figures though, so an expense that no one wanted to make this year.


    “Do you have Wi-Fi?
    The San Diego Convention Center offers free Wi-Fi for light use tasks that are not bandwidth intensive, such as reading email and browsing the Web, throughout the ground-level lobby areas A-H and Tides Restaurant. If you would like to stay connected in all common areas including our upstairs meeting rooms you may purchase Instant Internet from our in-house technology partner Smart City.”

  2. I think there was one year overlap when my home AT&T service included access to their paid hotspots, which they had at the con alongside the sponsored free wifi. The difference between trying to get on the free network and actually using the paid network was amazing.

    Has cell coverage improved? I remember spotting a temporary cell tower on top of a parking structure one year, but I also remember having zero bars in a lot of areas.

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