BOOM! Studios have been busy announcing a steady line of comics as we head towards San Diego 2016, with a new story or interest revealed every few days in the final few days before Heidi annual nightmare becomes a crowded reality. The latest, however, is one which’ll re-energise even the most exhausted of feet – a new series from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Brianne Drouhard called Mega Princess.


That’d be the Mega Princess herself up above, as drawn by Drouhard. This ongoing all-ages series is all about Princess Maxine who, on the day of her tenth birthday, gets a visit from her fairy godmother. As is tradition, she gets given an enchantment as a present – only this time round, the enchantment is for her to receive the powers of EVERY other Princess in the land. Super-powered ten year olds? A terrifying prospect in real-life, but an incredibly exciting premise for a comic book series. Right?

KaBoom! will be the imprint handling this one, of course. But although it might sound great having the power of a Princess Pantheon, Maxine (Max for short) quickly finds out that the traditional gifts include guff like singing with perfect pitch, being unable to sleep on any mattress which has a pea underneath, and several other sweet horrors. She does get a saucy pony, though, according to solicitations. The series will see her finding out that her powers can be useful, however, as when her baby brother is kidnapped, it turns out she is the only one who can save the day.


This should be a fun one. Thompson has been putting out some vibrant work recently, and the character designs from Drouhard (as above) seem bright, breezy, and on-point.

Mega Princess #1 is scheduled for October. It appears to be an ongoing!


  1. I NEEDED a new profile pic for facebook…I didn’t know I would have the honor of being on the BLOG! I love watching my beautiful, fun-loving daughter work! It’s my privilege to share time with her! So glad the BLOG has been lamuhced…nore fun to come!

  2. Az ötletet / a már sok helyen megjelent receptes könyvekben, újságokban, és itt a neten is/ csíkos szelet adta, de én nem gyúrt tésztával, hanem a jól bevált piskótám receptjéből készítettem. Így nem kell várni, amíg a tészta megpuhul, hanem rögtön fogyasztható

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