Over the course of The Wicked + The Divine, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles have distinguished themselves from the pack for their strong cover designs.  The A-Covers, which for the first 11 issues featured close ups of characters’ heads before culminating in tragedy, earned McKelvie and Wilson an Eisner nomination this year.  The B-Covers have not been tied by a common theme, but have instead become known as a place for artists to visually explore and reinterpret Team Wic+Div’s world.

Some great pieces from the first year include Brian Lee O’Malley’s interpretation of lead character Laura’s room:


and Kevin Wada’s exploration of The Morrigan’s and Baphomet’s underworldly relationship:


These pieces were beautiful, but neither of them were as abstract or patently absurd as the B-Cover to issue 14, illustrated by Canadian musician Grimes:
wicdivEach issue of this arc focuses on an individual god.  Issue 12 was centered around Inanna and August’s issue 13 introduces Tara, who has not been seen, only discussed (often disparagingly), up until now.  The solicit for issue 14 hasn’t been released yet, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what this cover represents.  If I had to guess, I’d say it references The Morrigan or a certain another god that was recently introduced…

Also, Grimes is ridiculous:

In 2009, Boucher (Grimes) and her then-boyfriend from Tennessee constructed a 20-foot houseboat named Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, with the intention to sail down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans. The cargo included food (chickens and 20 pounds of potatoes), a typewriter, and a gifted copy of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Unfortunately for the pair, the chickens caught the eastern equine encephalitis virus and perished soon into the trip, so their diet consisted mainly of potatoes. The couple adopted the names Veruschka and Zelda Xox for the trip. Due to their disregard for local boating regulations and the houseboat’s engine trouble, the journey was cut short, as the houseboat was impounded along with the food.

-from her Wikipedia entry