By Victor Van Scoit

Saturday has arrived and it’s the big push for all your attention. It’s also even more likely you might not make it everything you want to see. Should that happen don’t fret because you can always try to get into these interesting panels that are sure to help you win your Saturday.

11:00am – 12:00pm | Book to Screen | Room 7AB
We’re in a heyday for science fiction and fantasy on screen, whether it’s the big screen or the small. Some of the most popular series out there take advantage of the in-depth world and character building of book series to populate their vivid worlds. Ernie Cline (author of Ready Player One, soon to be adapted for the screen by Steven Spielberg), Melissa de la Cruz (author of Witches of East End, Lifetime show by the same name), Andy Weir (author of The Martian, a Ridley Scott-directed adaptation will be released later this year), Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (as James S. A. Corey, author of Leviathan Wakes, on which the upcoming Syfy show The Expanse is based), Lev Grossman (author of The Magicians, soon to be a Syfy show), and Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (as Christina Lauren, author of Beautiful Bastard, which has been optioned by Constantin Film) discuss how their creations are coming to life on screen.

Ever seen a movie or tv show based on a book you like and afterwards say “It’s good, but it’s not the book.”? Can you imagine what it must feel like for the author throughout the process? This panel should provide some great insight as to what kind of control, if any, successful authors can have on the end product.

1:00pm – 2:00pm | Kill Your Idols: The Anxiety of Influence | Room 23ABC
How do you draw on the work that inspired you without simply imitating it? How do you transform your influences into something fresh? Lev Grossman (The Magicians), Cecil Castellucci (Tin Star) and Marc Bernardin (Genius) discuss the alchemy of transmuting admiration into originality with moderator Douglas Wolk (Reading Comics).

These authors managed to take the things they love and twist them into unique stories with a hint of something familiar. If you’re stuck because you’ve inadvertently written Star Wars for the fourth time or tired of writing fan fiction, then come to this panel to break out of that rut.

1:00pm – 2:00pm | Librarian/Educator Fall 2015 Kids’ Graphic Novel Buzz | San Diego Central Library
A cross-publisher presentation of the biggest graphic novels for kids in the fall 2015 season (September-December 2015) from Abrams ComicArts (Charlie Kochman), Archie Comics (Alex Segura), Dark Horse (Michael Martens), First Second (Calista Brill), IDW/Top Shelf (Alan Payne), Image (Kat Salazar), Oni Press (Charlie Chu), Papercutz (Sven Larsen), Scholastic (David Saylor), and Viz (Mark De Vera). Get an advance look at the most exciting upcoming graphic novels of the year.

Parents, educators, librarians, mentors, elite gift givers, and aunts and uncles vying to be awesome hit this panel up! You’re sure to leave with a top list of books that’s sure to contain future award winners.

3:00pm – 4:00pm | The Muppet Show Coming to ABC | Room 6A
The Muppets return to primetime television this fall on ABC in a way they’ve never been seen before! Filmed in a documentary style with cut-to interviews, the Muppets come to life, giving audiences a chance to explore their rich inner lives and intense interpersonal relationships, romances, break-ups, achievements, disappointments, wants, and desires. Co-creators and executive producers Bill Prady (Big Bang Theory) and Bob Kushell (The Simpsons), executive producer/director Randall Einhorn (The Office) and executive producer Bill Barretta (The Muppets) screen the video presentation that inspired the series and discuss the first season of this new, more grown-up Muppet show for kids and adults of all ages. The panel will also feature a few of the brilliant Muppet performers, giving you a rare opportunity to witness them bringing some of your favorite characters to life.

Okay so the Muppets are coming back to TV with that documentary style that’s all too familiar now. The reason you’re really here at this panel is that last line description. There’s going to be Muppets live at the panel! I once saw Brian Henson do some puppet work at an SF Sketchfest panel and it was amazing how quickly the puppets could come to life with different personalities.

3:30pm – 5:00pm | Comic-Con How-To: Draw Your Imagination w/Kim Jung Gi | Room 2
Take this amazing chance to learn how to draw your imagination on white paper with a black pen. You will realize that you do not need fancy equipment to draw your heart out after seeing Kim Jung Gi’s outrageous live drawing. You will get a chance to see an empty canvas transform into a completed scene with human anatomy and perspective in just 90 minutes. Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea whose artwork has attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. With mental pictures, he can draw without a photographic reference.

The panel description doesn’t even get across how crazy talented this guy is. He works straight from memory with no sketching and no photo references. He’s known for his live drawing demonstrations creating large wall murals. Here’s just a small sample.

5:30pm – 6:30pm | Disney-ABC: Reinvention: Writer, Director, Story | Room 24ABC
For years people have reinvented themselves. Actors turned politicians; Luke Skywalker turned Jedi; Captain America turned first Avenger. Disney-ABC’s Creative Talent Development and Inclusion team has successfully assisted many achieve their dreams by helping them reinvent their careers. Whether you’re an actor who wants to direct, a director who wants to write, a feature writer who wants to write television, or a comedy writer who wants to write drama, you’ll get helpful tips and insight on how to successfully make a career transition from Disney-ABC writers, directors, and executives.

This panel seems to be tailor made for anyone looking to make a change in their life. Perhaps hearing how others have taken control and changed their path will inspire others to realize they can too.

7:00pm – 8:00pm | Fight Club 2 | Room 5AB
Acclaimed novelist Chuck Palahniuk continues one of his most beloved works with Fight Club 2! Join Dark Horse for a discussion of the creation of this story with Chuck Palahniuk, editor Scott Allie, and artists David Mack and Cameron Stewart.

If you’re a fan of Fight Club then you’ll be here anyway. You need to be here even if you don’t read Palahniuk’s books or even know who he is. My friends and I still talk about a panel he was on two years ago. He gave great thoughtful yet odd answers, great reading recommendations, and everything  he said sounded like he was reading written prose with a wry bit of humor.

7:30pm – 8:30pm | An Hour with Adam Savage | Room 6BCF
Sure, Adam Savage is one of the stars of MythBusters, but he’s so much more: maker, cosplayer, movie fan, and problem solver. He’s not here to promote anything; he’s here to enjoy Comic-Con, like you. And as part of that, he’s opening himself up to fans for one hour, with no agenda; ask him anything.

This just sounds like it will be an hour of entertaining geek love. Adam Savage knows how to interact with the crowd and really connect because in the end he’s just like the rest of us obsessive geeks. Think of a good question because you’ll be pleased with the results.