At SDCC yesterday, Marvel revealed the brand new Illuminati roster.  Beat reporter Alex Jones was on the scene to relay the news back to HQ:


Black Ant, Thunderball, Mad Thinker, Enchantress, The Hood and Titania are featured in this brand new cover from Riley Rossmo, with the latter two leading the pack.  Author Joshua Williamson explained that The Hood been building an army of lesser villains over the course of Secret Wars.


  1. Still don’t get why Marvel’s writers keep trying to push the Hood. He’s just a thug with the power to teleport and shoot two guns at once. He fits better as some random villain in an issue of Marvel Team-Up than as a Kingpin type schemer. The character didn’t even catch on during Bendis’ high selling Avengers run where he showed up more often than some of the actual cast members.

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