Today at DC’s Multiversity panel, The Multiversity mastermind Grant Morrison revealed his future plans for the DCU.

In addition to writing Wonder Woman: Earth 2, which is scheduled for release this year, Morrison announced Multiversity Too, a brand new line of graphic novels that will spin out of the work he did on his groundbreaking nine issue series this year.  DC’s press release teases the possibility of new stories set in the Earth-4 world of the Eisner-nominated Pax Americana, the Earth-10 world of Mastermen, and the “female-led Justice Guild of Earth-11.”  Morrison may also fill the seven unknown Earth-sized gaps he left in the map of DC’s multiverse when he wrote The Multiversity Guidebook.


The graphic novel from this new line will focus on everyone’s favorite speedster and is called Multiversity Too: The Flash.  They haven’t announced WHICH Flash Morrison will center his story around, but knowing him, I bet it’ll be way more than just one of them.

In addition, Morrison showed off the trade dress for the first run of The Multiversity, and it looks fantastic. It will be released in November.


Morrison also announced that he would be leading a new run of the Batman: Black & White anthology.  He’ll team up with a rotating set of artistic all-stars to tell a number of unique stories set in Gotham.

More details from Alex Jones, our reporter in the field:

A Batman: Black and White project coming from Morrison was teased this morning containing work from Ivan Reis Bill Sienkiewicz, who is set to drawn 5 Dimensional Bat-Mite story. While no artwork was shared from the upcoming story, Morrison sought to explore fine art in within a Batman story. Also included was the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

Also included at the panel was Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One featuring art from Yanick Paquette. Morrison shared that he wanted to return to the concept of as a healer, a doctor and a philosopher.

So I guess Morrison isn’t done with DC after all…not that you’d ever hear me complain about that.