To follow up on our earlier announcement that Joe Michael Straczynski would be penning Flash: Earth One, DC just announced that Francis Manapul would be writing AND drawing Aquaman: Earth One.  The news comes from DC’s Meet the Co-Publishers Panel, and the book will be released in 2016.



  1. Since “non-dark haired” male characters are pretty much not allowed outside of sequential mediums like in TV and movies (unless they are portrayed as ditzy or out of touch like Captain America, and Thor), then how soon do you all think the Flash and Aquaman in sequential will be turned into something that is supposed to appeal to today’s bigot culture? -How does saying that since India and China are larger markets in today’s ‘global market’ supposed to make sense to change a character’s appearance to appeal to today’s bigot enabled / consumer driven anti-culture? Just because Indians and Chinese hate white men (British brutally colonized India, and bombed the Chinese to make the Chinese sell heroin to their own people -the Opium Wars) does not mean that we should alter the character’s appearance to satisfy this to gain more of a market share -why not create new character-based assets that are just FROM INDIA AND CHINA??? Jason Momoa’s comments are totally bigoted -he says at, per the Daily Beast “And Im someone who gets to represent all the islanders, not some blond-haired superhero. Its cool that theres a brown-skinned superhero.” The Flash, and Aquaman -and Daredevil, and the bigots make Johnny Storm black, but they cant make Sue Storm black -the bigots would not like a white Reed Richards to be having intimacy with a black woman (why not just leave the Storms as is, and make Reed Richards black =because a black man cannot be seen as a genius and a leader yet). Being a target of abuse my life for being just for being male having red-blonde hair, and not much interest in sports -I loved it that unlike the news, and TV shows, and unlike movies that the characters in comics that had blonde hair where just as cool as anybody else in comics -but apparently this is not allowed in the anti-culture of today’s anti-cooperation, anti-community, smug pretentious bigot ridden, asphalt strip mall consumer car culture.

    What good is $spending money$ on these stories if they are just going to be changed to appeal to the next mass consumer market??? Only get boot leg copies from the Internet -or buy used at used book stores online -because there sure as heck are not going to be any places easily accessible for used books in this Wallmart / Target $h!+hole of traffic and bigotry and out-sourced labor called the “USA”. “comic books” are not worth spending money on.

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