By Victor Van Scoit

hishe villain pub
How It Should Have Ended’s Villain Pub

Watching “How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended-Part Two”, from the team over at How It Should Have Ended, there was a brief bumper at the end of the short with the words “Real Life Villain Pub Coming to San Diego Comic-Con”. As I’ve not seen How It Should Have Ended ever have a firm presence at San Diego Comic-Con my curiosity was piqued. Having not seen any formal announcements out on the Internet I reached out in the hopes to find out more.

This year the folks at How It Should Have Ended have decided to come to San Diego Comic-Con with their own bit of offsite programming. The HISHE crew (as they’ve come to be known) has a strong YouTube following they’ve acquired over ten years with nearly 5 million subscribers and having just passed 1 billion views for their channel. Here’s the information I was able to get.

HISHE is creating a real life version of The Villain Pub, a popular destination in their shorts where villains can swap war stories, to San Diego Comic-Con from July 8th-12th. The location looks to be Henry’s Pub & Restaurant located in the Gaslamp area. The plan is to have The Villains Pub brought to life so fans can interact with the space in various ways and also participate in programs to include the creators.

Thursday, 7/9 at 4PM
HISHE Q&A w/creators and an exclusive San Diego Comic-Con debut of “How Jurassic World Should Have Ended”

Friday, 7/10 at 4PM
HISHE Happy Hour and Hangout with a villains costume contest

Saturday, 7/11 at 2PM
Creator Workshop – Learn character design, voice work and more

With HISHE’s track record, family friendly yet entertaining content, and a large fan base a visit to San Diego Comic-Con seems like a slam dunk. With SDCC having so much competition for eyeballs it seems like a smart play to have a tight programming schedule. I’ll be curious to see what other details become available the closer we get to SDCC. HISHE was also kind enough to answer a few questions.

Victor Van Scoit: Is this your first official visit to San Diego Comic-Con?

HISHE: This is actually our 8th visit to SDCC.  We love it as both fans and creators and have actually had some incredible opportunities at Comic-Con, including sharing a panel with the great Stan Lee a few years ago!

Victor Van Scoit: Other YouTube channels have had successful SDCC presences, yet don’t have anywhere near your YouTube subscribers and views. What’s kept you from joining the SDCC craziness until now?

HISHE: We’ve done a few appearances and Daniel Baxter, our lead artist and animator has done some drawing for fans in the past.  But we’ve never had a brand presence anywhere close to what we’re doing this year, so it’s very exciting!  Our tenth anniversary just seemed like a great time to jump in!

Victor Van Scoit: Have you had a chance to meet your fans before? I imagine creating animated shorts it’s easy to live in a bubble and not know how to translate those YouTube numbers of yours into emotional fan feedback.

HISHE: We’ve met with our fans before, but never on the scale that I hope happens this year at SDCC.  We have a LOT to be thankful for and we want to interact with the people who’ve helped us get here.

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