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While at SDCC I could not help but notice the grumbling across Social Media of how little seemed to be coming out of SDCC in real time, and how deeply missed G4 was as a result.  For those of us trying to bridge the gap, their seemed to be insufficient band width in Downtown San Diego for bulk loading from personal devices.    This is a question worthy of its own article, but right now, it’s my pretext to finally upload more images from the Exhibit floor and Outside the Convention. ExhibitFloor

For the 75th Anniversary of  Batman
For the 75th Anniversary of





Exhibit Floor Page 2

Outiside SDCC2014 WitchesGamesOfThrones






  1. So here’s what I can’t figure out. This is the San Diego ‘Comic Con’. Except there is something missing from this and nearly all post about the SDCC. Drum roll please… Comics. Why is it that sites never show comic books at comic book convention photo posts anymore?

  2. Usually, I and others do.

    I didn’t, as this was a non-specific photo essay concerning unusual things in around SDCC ’14.

    Stay tuned for more to come.

  3. Re: No Comic books in the Comic Con coverage. imho, comic books aren’t the reason for going to, or enjoying comic con. The comic books are tanglible, the experience of the con (SDCC is my only focus) are the panels, sights, cosplayers, Masquerade, and hollywood previews in Hall H. You want comic book coverage? Have the decency to go to your local comic book store, as it needs your interest and business. I don’t give a damn how or why SDCC started, it’s not about comic books now, nor has it been in the last 3 years I’ve attended. All you can want to know about comic books can be found on websites, magazines, etc, and at the con, you can learn about everything else… what Marvel is doing with their entire catalog, upcoming movies, tv shows, future projects directors and producers are into, etc. I can’t comprehend the crying over spilt milk ala comic books at the con, they are obsolete like rotary phones, yellow pages, and typewriters. All still exist and are useful, but replaced by laptops and cell phones. Sorry Charlie, theres no chicken in your can of chicken of the sea.

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