Yesterday’s Vertigo panel began with John Cunningham introducing a large panel featuring Vertigo Executive Editor Shelly Bond, editors Will Dennis and Mark Doyle, artist Mark Buckingham and writers Sean E. WilliamsMark AndrekyoScott SnyderSimon Oliver, and Jeff Lemire. Everyone came to this panel with something to prove, and the new ambitious titles backed up the confidence.

Warning: spoilers for Fables below.


American Vampire Anthology #1 includes Becky Cloonan, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, Francesco Francavilla, Declan Shalvey and Jason Aaron. Snyder is teaming up with Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon and their story is set the 1940s.

Lemire discussed his new book Trillium. First issue will be a double sized flip book that will meet in the middle. It will not be replicated digitally or recollected in a graphic novel. He’ll be watercoloring some pages and Sweet Tooth colorist Jose Villarrubia will provide spot coloring.


Toby Litt and Buckingham are the creative team on the new Dead Boy Detectives own ongoing, characters who had recently been serialised in the Vertigo one-shots of the last year or so.

Collider is about a Ghostbuster-esque team who goes in and fix problems where physics have gone wrong.

Coffin Hill is a horror story about a girl in a terrible situation. There are three characters in the story and one is dead, one is crazy, and one knows what everything that occurred.

The Witching Hour is another anthology, including the first Vertigo work from Kelly Sue DeConnick.


Fables #134 cover is a shocking image for fans of the series: an image of Bigby Wolf and Boy Blue standing together. “This is exactly what it appears and this it was not a dream or fabrication of any kind,” said Bond.

Peter Milligan and and Landro Ferandez are teaming up on a new sexy, provocative and dark new series called The Discipline.

Suiciders goes on sale in December. This is Lee Bermejo’s first solo ongoing original series. The book is set in a future Los Angeles that centers around a gladiatorial fight culture similar to Mad Max. “Lee could have gone anywhere, but he trusted us,” Dennis said about Bermejo’s decision to take the book to Vertigo.

Bond closed the panel with “The best is yet to come.”

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