A local SD foodie has provided what we all needed — a guide to good food around the con area. Topping the list: Ralphs, which also tops the list of fun places at 3 am. Seriously. You haven’t done con until you’ve gone to Ralphs at 3 am to see cartoonists, cosplayers and nerdlebrities wandering around buying carrot sticks, tequila and pie.

The post also reveals the earth-shattering, to us, news that a cheese shop has been opened at our hotel. While we mourn for our breakfast burrito, a new romance with a three cheese toasted sandwich may be beginning.

Author Darlene Horn is also debuting a new comic called The Girl With the Donut Tattoo, a collection of food-themed strips drawn by her husband, Paul Horn, who draws the webcomic Cool Jerk. They had us at the title alone. It’s available at Small Press table K10.



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