It’s never too soon! SLG annoucnes its Comic-Con plans:

But, in any case, our booth will be our real home base. It’s where we will spend 11 hours a day, relentlessly offering the public comics, graphic novels, T-shirts, posters, and toys. Many artists will also be there, to sign books and exchange pleasantries. Here they are, in no particular, other than alphabetical, order:

Aaron Alexovich
Roman Dirge
Jennifer Feinberg
Jenny Goldberg
Jon “Bean” Hastings
Faith Erin Hicks
Derek Hunter
Eric Jones
Kenny Keil
Neil Kleid
Tommy Kovac
Karl Christian Krumpholz
Todd Meister
Ethan Nicolle
Chris Reilly
Andy Ristaino
Ian Smith
Tyson Smith
Serena Valentino
Jhonen Vasquez
Landry Walker
Gene Yang