You would think that writing the script to BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA would be enough to get a person banned for life, but no. Jeff Bushell will be at the Viper Comics booth, roaming free and unharmed, with his new book, STU BEAR IN THE 25th CENTURY. It turns out he’s an okay guy with lots of other writing credits. Let’s bury the hatchet and try to live in peace, okay?

Viper Comics is proud to announce the partnership with Beverly Hills Chihuahua scribe, Jeff Bushell.  The Publisher and screen writer will debut his first graphic novel, Stu Bear In The 25th Century at San Diego Comic Con 2010.  
Jessie Garza with Viper states, “we are so thrilled to be working with Jeff and can’t wait to get Stu Bear into the hands of readers.” Visit us in booth #1903 at San Diego Comic Con for an advance look at the project.

Stu Bear In The 25th Century

When an incredibly lazy bear, STU, convinces his workaholic brother, AL, to let him hibernate deep into the spring, he’s caught in an avalanche and frozen solid.  Centuries later, Stu is discovered, defrosted and discovers his world has turned upside down.  Humans have devolved into monosyllabic surface-bound brutes; while evolved, hairless, intelligent bears, descended from his brother Al, (alongside other cool evolved animals) now live in floating high-tech cities above the earth.  Now AL JR., the great grandson (to the 25th power) of Stu’s brother, the original Al, takes Stu in and helps him adapt to the new world.  But when an incurable plague threatens to destroy all life above earth,  Al Jr. and Stu must embark on a dangerous mission to the surface of the earth to find a cure.
Jeff Bushell is a Peabody award winning television and screenwriter who is best known for creating and writing Disney’s talking dog franchise “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.”  In television he wrote for “The Bernie Mac Show”, “Mad TV”, “Drawn Together”, “Zoey 101” and “What I Like About You”.  Bushell’s latest film project is an “R” rated buddy comedy for Summit Entertainment starring James Franco.