Breaking news! THERE WILL BE COMICS AT COMIC-CON! Sparkplug Books, publisher of some of the best comics of Comic-Con — hopefully their booth will be MOBBED as they supply hundreds of quality comics by people like Benjamin Marra, Katie Skelly, Matthew Thurber and Noah Van Sciver to a comics-starved audience. They have two new books at the show:


Lemon Styles by David King


The Heavy Hand by Chris Cilla
Both are for sale on the Sparkplug on-line bookstore.

We’ll be bringing them and hundreds of other new and old comics to San Diego for our typical flea market style approach. Sparkplug will be carrying tons of of great self-published comix and zines including work by Noah Van Sciver, Benjamin Marra, Carrie McNinch, Steve Ditko, Aron Steinke, Jason T. Miles, Annie Murphy, Katie Skelly, Matthew Thurber and hundreds more. We’ll even have some old comics.
Our booth number is 1630, right next to Drawn and Quarterly and Last Gasp. We are sharing it with Tom Neely, Shawn Cheng, Levon Jihanian, Landry Walker and Eric Jones as well as more people!
Chris Cilla will be at the Sparkplug booth on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm. David King will be at the booth Thursday through Sunday 10am-2pm. We also have Shannon O’Leary and Tim Goodyear there.
Also of note: Virginia Paine has joined Sparkplug and is doing a ton of work. Her comics are pretty great, check them out. She’ll be watching Sparkplug while I’m down in San Diego.
In addition July/August/Sept is time for tons of comics related events for Sparkplug:
July 23rd: 24 Hour Zine Challenge at the IPRC in Portland
July 31st-August 1st: Drawing Comics Like Yourself Workshop at the IPRC in Portland
July 31st: Bike-In Movies at WTF Bikes in Portland
August 3rd: Comics Movie Night at Floating World in Portland
August 21st: Minneapolis Indie Xpo in Minnesota
August 28th-29th: Portland Zine Symposium in Oregon
September 4th-5th: San Francisco Zine Fest in California