In the seasonal ocean of hype and comics companies whose main attraction is some actor signing some comic, there are still oases of good old comic books. And also people who send out fine little news releases and pictures of comics. Such a person is Randy Reynaldo, who has been at this a while but still sends out a nice. concise news bit. And he always gets his own news item, like this. Because he did it right. This time out, Reynaldo will premiere the first ever collection of Rob Hanes, Adventurer.

“Randy encourages everyone to support small independent comics publishers by visiting his booth (K1) and the other tables in the Small Press Pavilion.” And so do we!

Randy Reynaldo, publisher of WCG Comics and the writer-artist-creator of the long-running classic adventure indie comic-book series Rob Hanes Adventures, will be making his eighth consecutive exhibitor’s appearance (and 13th overall) at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con. Randy’s booth will be at a new location from previous years: Booth K1 in the Small Press Pavilion of the floor, near where aisle 1500 terminates in the small press area.

At this year’s show, Randy will be promoting the first trade paperback compilation of his series, Rob Hanes Adventures, Vol. 0, which is scheduled to be released in September 2010. The collection was just solicited to retailers and consumers in the July issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog. The softcover trade paperback will retail for $15.99 and feature six complete adventures from 1994–96, and 140 black-and-white pages. All the stories have been digitally re-lettered for the new collection, replacing the hand-lettering of the original series. The trade is a great way for new readers to discover the series and for long-time fans to read the stories in a new, fresh and permanent bookshelf format.

In addition, WCG will debut a new special full-color comic-book edition of Rob Hanes Adventures at the show. The special edition marks marks the first time the series is available in full color in print. The edition features a cover price of $3.99 and 32 full-color pages.
In limited quantities, Randy will be giving away back issues for free for promotional purposes, and have new bookmarks and promotional pins available with purchase.

Randy encourages everyone to support small independent comics publishers by visiting his booth (K1) and the other tables in the Small Press Pavilion.

More preview pages here.


  1. Pretty darn good PR!

    Good strip… I’m a bit surprised he’s still publishing, but it’s a good comic!

    The only thing missing from his PR:

    But it’s found on the WCG website, which is well organized. There’s also a preview!