§ As part of the process of de-crwdoing Comic-Con, organizers have been trying to move more events off site for a while now. Con is taking over the town — and it’s not just door hangers and room keys. For instance, The Art Directors Guild will have an art show at the Hilton Bayfront. Some 350 illustrations–finished art, concepts, storyboards and costume designs will be on display, with curators on site explaining the stories behind the art. Definitely something to check out while you’re waiting for your limo.

Above, a painting by art director Harrison Ellenshaw who will be at the show. Dunno if it has anything to do with the art show, but it does have the Slave I in it.

§ Ape Entertainment is holding an art exhibit The New Children’s Museum with pages from their Kizoic line, including Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar, Little Green Men, and more. The exhibit will run from July 19th through the 25th. 

“It’s exciting for kids to learn about the process of making a comic book, and seeing the original art from some of their favorite titles is a moment that they’ll remember into adulthood,” states Ape Entertainment founder and co-publisher Brent E. Erwin.  “And to be able to meet some of the artists responsible for the work is just icing on the cake.”
Artists Christine Larsen (Shrek) and Ray Height (R.P.M.) will be on hand to showcase their art and will lead a series of workshops aimed at teaching interested students the process of drawing their favorite comic book characters.  The workshops will be held Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM.
“The kids who pick up a pencil today and sketch a super hero for the first time could very well be the superstar artists of tomorrow,” continues Erwin.
The KiZoic Art Exhibit is free to all SDCC pass holders.  Families who attend will also receive complimentary Ape Entertainment comic books.
The New Children’s Museum is located at 200 West Island Avenue, San Diego, CA.

§ Okay this is not technically art, but it is off-site. OUt favorite taco sand, the Tin Fish will host competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut as he attempts to set a record for eating Mars Bars on Thursday at 1:30pm.