Twitpicced from the Hyatt last night.

BTW, welcome Special Beat Correspondent Zena Tsarfin, who has already done a bang-up job of actually seeing what went on at the con while we were busy making history, or pie something like that.

We love this quote from Lev Grossman spotted by Robot 6:

Spend any time at all at Comic-con and it’s hard not to go all Hunter Thompson. There’s just so many damn people. Nerd culture has gorged and gorged, and then bloated, then collapsed under the weight of its own flesh. The excess flesh has turned septic and begun to necrotize, and that is the stench in the air in San Diego. This isn’t nerd Woodstock, it’s nerd Altamont.

There were some folks camped out for Hall H last night on the greensward, — nothing like Camp Twilight, maybe a dozen yurts. The fellows at the front were male nerds, surly and uncomfortable. “What are you here for?” we asked.

“Hall H. Just Hall H,” we were told, crankily.

Well, nertz to YOU, too, buddy!


  1. Yup… geeky girls are more adept at people skills, they tend to have better hygiene, and generally look better in a t-shirt.

    If this is Alter-mont, who are the Hell’s Angels?

    Hiya, Zena! Cool Voltron!

  2. maybe if people just tried to enjoy themselves, walking around the con and such, instead of just trying, ‘to be the first’ maybe they would have a better experience, overall, and be less surly.

  3. The party at the Hyatt … could have been greatly, greatly improved with a DJ and an open bar. I was in the corner with the hunting-program TV for a while and that was pretty entertaining in itself.

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