Appearing at the NBM booth this year:
• Richard Moore (Boneyard)
• Rob Vollmar (Bluesman, The Castaways)
• Bryan Talbot (Alice in Sunderland, The Art of Bryan Talbot)
• Ted Rall (Silk Road to Ruin, The Year of Loving Dangerously, To Afghanistan and Back)
• Chad Michael Ward (Black Rust, Devilengine, Autopsyrotica)
• Cornnell Clarke (Peanut Butter, Big Apple Shorts)
• Stephanie McMillan (Attitude)

Also, the debut of Moresukine:

Moresukine: Uploaded Weekly from Tokyo by Dirk Schwieger — who will sign his book at the NBM booth — has earned praise from popular comics creators Neil Gaiman (“What a fun idea”) and Evan Dorkin (“A hell of a lot of fun to read”). Until recently, Schwieger lived in Tokyo. Readers of his comics blog dared him to do all sorts of things—exotic, disgusting, revealing, whatever—and he obeyed! This fascinating, funny, funky collection of his blog entries looks inside Japanese society, life, thought, and food. Previews are on display.