In what has already been a crazy busy year, Archaia Studios Press (ASP) amps it up at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego (July 26-29). Come by the booth (#2049), meet the creators, visit the panels, and see what’s happening at ASP!

**New Books on Sale!
First, a bunch of new ASP titles will be showcased and ready for eager eyes. These include the comics STARKWEATHER #0, MOUSE GUARD: WINTER 1152 #1, and OKKO #4. These issues also hit retailers’ shelves everywhere July 25. Debuting in limited quantities in advance of their August store arrivals will also be AWAKENING #1, KILLING PICKMAN #1, and INANNA’S TEARS #1, and the hardcover collections REVERE: REVOLUTION IN SILVER, and THE KILLER, Vol 1.

**Creator Appearances!
Stop by, chat, and get some autographs and sketches from a host of ASP creators. Here’s the run-down: Grant “Revere” Bond, Alex “Awakening” Eckman-Lawn, John R. “Primordia” Fultz, Ed “Revere” Lavallee, Marvin “Inanna’s Tears” Mann, Patrick “Starkweather” McEvoy, David “Mouse Guard” Petersen, David “Starkweather” Rodriguez, Alex “Robotika” Sheikman, Mark “Artesia” Smylie, Durwin “Scars” Talon, Nick “Awakening” Tapalansky, Larime “Hollow” Taylor, and Guin “Scars” Thompson.

Impact University
Fri, Jul 27, 12:00-1:30pm, ROOM 30CDE
David Petersen, creator of MOUSE GUARD, will be a panelist on Impact University to advise would-be pros how to go about creating comics. The panel will feature various artists and writers who know the “how to” behind-the-scenes aspects of the comics industry.

Archaia Studios Press Round-Up
Fri, Jul 27, 2:30-3:30pm, ROOM 2
Join us for our very own panel where we discuss all things ASP! ASP comics editor Joseph Illidge leads a round-table discussion of ASP writers and artists as they take questions about their past and future work. Join Russ Manning Award nominee David Petersen (MOUSE GUARD), Alex Sheikman (ROBOTIKA), Marvin Mann (INANNA’S TEARS), Ed Lavallee (REVERE), David Rodriguez (STARKWEATHER: IMMORTAL), and Nick Tapalansky (AWAKENING).

New Voices in Graphic Novels Panel
Fri, Jul 27, 4:30-5:30, ROOM 4
David Petersen will also be on a panel moderated by Publishers Weekly’s Calvin Reid, and will be joined by a host of other industry creators Christian Slade (Korgi), George O’Connor (Journey Into Mohawk Country), Jamie Tanner (The Aviary), Leland Myrick (Missouri Boy), and Miriam Katin (We Are On Our Own).


  1. My never-ending quest is to find all the mentions of the Archaia booth and add this plug for my new series. So bear with me if you’ve read it before… As mentioned above, Dave Rodriguez and I will be at the Archaia Studios Press booth, signing copies of Starkweather: Immortal #0 (story by super-duper-Fantasy-legend Piers Anthony). BUT ALSO, what was not mentioned…


    To celebrate the release of Starkweather: Immortal #0 this week, we’ll be giving away the original art from issues #0 and #1 at this week’s Comic-Con in San Diego. We’ll have them at the ASP booth (booth #2049). And how, you might wonder, do you get one of these pieces?

    Just buy a copy of the book!

    That’s right, whenever writer Dave Rodriguez or I (Patrick McEvoy) are signing at the ASP booth all weekend, we’ll be giving away free original art from the first two issues of Starkweather: Immortal. Well, until we run out. And speaking of that…

    You might think we’d run out of art pretty quickly, but actually, I work a bit differently than most comics artists. I work mainly on the computer, and start with a sketch that is sort of half-way between a rough sketch and finished drawing. AND, most importantly, I draw ONE PANEL AT A TIME, each on a separate piece of paper. So there are well over 100 pieces of art to give away. Just pick out your favorite and take it away with your shiny new copy of Starkweather: Immortal!

    Find out more about the book here:

    So to recap: ASP booth (2049), Starkweather: Immortal #0, free art with purchase whenever Dave and I are signing. See you there!

  2. Will somebody please for the love of almighty Thorr grab Mark Smylie and find out what the hell’s happening with Artesia Besieged? Issue #2 came out in November, for pity’s sake. All the other stuff coming out from ASP looks lovely enough, but the only one I care about is Artesia, and he hasn’t mentioned it in almost a year.

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