We caught only a few moments of this, due to pressing sleep-related matters, but managed to see the Best Comic Book Award with winner Robert Kirkman accepting for MARVEL ZOMBIES. It was a bit odd and yet refreshing to see our humble comics included in a TV kudocast, even one whose idea of a tribute segment was a collection of decapitations accompanied by Edvard Grieg music. Panels and covers of comics nominees were flashily edited onto the screen, and beautiful women apparently cheered as Kirkman walked to the stage. Kirkman delivered an articulate pro-comics message, but looking at the rest of the celebs on the show–a virtual nerd summit of comics-friendly types like Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Rob Zombie, Rosario Dawson, Thomas Jane, etc. — he almost needn’t have bothered. The crowd was completely on our side.

Did anyone watch the whole thing?

And here some pictures stolen from Getty Images:

Frank Miller
Nancy Jessica Alba, DAREDEVIL Ben Affleck and Miller.

And now as a rewards…
And Superman, Brandon Routh.


  1. I taped it to see if the Vampirella award was going to be mentioned. Overall it was a very comics heavy show with almost every award shown on the broadcast having to do with comics or superheroes. The ones I thought were going to be The Big Ones, like “The Ultimate Scream” that pitted all the top nominees against each other in a super award, was relegated to a mention going into commercial. Meanwhile, Best Comic Book and Best Super-Hero were all featured prominently. All in all a great night for comics!