This story from KFMB, San Diego reveals how IDW’s head Ted Adams 4-year-old son Sam shares the same name as someone on the “do not fly list” with HIGHlarious results.

Sam Adams is a little boy from Clairemont who loves fire engines. But the Transportation Security Administration associates his name with a potential terrorist. His name is on the no-fly list along with 44,000 others. Unfortunately for the toddler, it means he’s treated like a terrorist.

“It’s difficult, especially traveling at the holidays, because all the flights are completely full. We get to the airport early because we know this problem’s going to be there, but it seems like no matter how early we get there, we aren’t guaranteed a seat,â€? Sam’s father Ted Adams said.


  1. Perhaps the Authorities need to update their intelligence. Sam Adams – mastermind of the Boston Tea Party and other insurgent revolutionary activities – has been dead for just over 200 years.

  2. And also not to be confused with Samuel Adams beer (the kid looks more like a drunk than a terrorist)

    The Authorities need to get some intelligence first before they can update it.