I’ve been to dozens or scores of comic cons in my life, and I never thought I’d feel con envy again. BUt looking at all the amazing photos, tweets, subtweets, and enthusiasm pouring out of this year’s Emerald City Comic Con is…amazing. I think its peak comics. The energy and camaraderie of an SPX with the wide appeal of an SDCC. Plus craft beer and foodie fun.

And Valiant bought the COSPLAY CATS. 

It’s amazing and I’m living vicariously through every tweet.

This is by no means anything exhaustive….just a random sampling of stuff I spent 15 minutes looking for at the #eccc hashtag….although i will lead off with Henry Barajas’s excellent photos of the Image Reunion panel, which has the vibe of a cool band getting back together.

Unless everyone on comics is on crack, based on the energy coming out of ECCC, the state of the industry is good and getting better all the time.









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