The can-do spirit of Bay Area comics folks has come together for the San Francisco Comics Fest, which just launched a website and announced plans for a full week of comics-related activities kicking off on Sunday May 3 and 10444719_343570819168030_4387245873141238517_ngoing all week with what will most likely be a CAF-type event May 9-10. The brainstorming started with some Facebook chat, went on with a town hall meeting and it’s all birthed what looks to be an impressive event, with the steering committee led by Matt Silady of the California College of Arts.   Given all the logistical and economic hurdles unique to the Bay Area, this is an ambitious plan.

The event is something of a fill in for APE and WonderCon, both of which have moved on to other cities. Given San Francisco’s storied comics heritage—and the institutional support of the Cartoon Art Museum—having a local event seems quite appropriate.

Of course, the insanely packed CAF schedule being what it is, the event is launching the same week as TCAF—however there’s plenty of talent to go around, especially with the local cartooning community.


“San Francisco has the unique opportunity to imagine a new comics-centric festival from the ground up,” said SFCF Steering Committee Organizer Matt Silady, Chair of MFA in Comics Program at California College of the Arts. “From tech to tradition, leveraging the city’s strengths will be at the heart of this event as we continue to make San Francisco a destination for comics professionals and enthusiasts alike.”San Francisco Comics Fest is a celebration of comics culture – past, present and future – with festival events highlighting four core aspects of the vibrant community:

  • Rich history of artistic rebellion and comics innovation
  • Unique intersection of cultural influences shared among creators
  • Commitment to comics education
  • Responsibility to shape the future of comics through technology in a positive, equitable way

Scheduled events include workshops, signings, and talks at the Cartoon Art Museum, SF Public Library, and comics retailers on both sides of the Bay. The San Francisco Comics Fest continues to encourage and accept applications for official SFCF events from its local community through the end of the month. All event participants will be promoted through official SFCF channels and promotional materials.

Event applications and volunteer applications are open, and you can follow along with the fest on Twitter.



  1. We’ve got a two year plan in the works. This year, we’re focusing on a week’s worth of smaller independently run events with the goal of adding an exhibitor-driven CAF in 2016. Should be a fun week. All are welcome and it’s not too late for folks to plan an event for the schedule!

  2. Very cool! We will have to check this out! Keep us (TwoFish) in mind for the exhibitor-driven CAF in 2016. And thank you for reviving ComicFest in San Francisco!!! :D

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