Like a giant squall brewing in the west, San Diego is rolling down on us: the “first” day of the con is three weeks from today, but as we all know, the show begins on Wednesday, so you have to be there Tuesday or Monday and the entire week before is nothing but San Diego…so basically, next week is our last week to do “normal” things.

We’re already starting to get emails on who is doing what at SD, and as always we heartily encourage anyone who really wants attention to get their PR out before the Tuesday before the show. No one is going to see anything that day.

Please email us party invitations, lunch and dinner plans, signing schedules, show exclusives and so on. We’ve battened down the hatch and laid in some supplies and we’re ready for the storm.


  1. Oh My God!!! Three weeks? Three weeks, and my printer still hasn’t sent me a proof copy of my book. My promotional T-shirts just came in two sizes to big with the image a size to small and the logo barely readable. I’ve got a press release ready to go, and if I don’t get this stuff all sorted out, it’ll be entirely untrue, and unprintable. I think I can make it all work, though. Hey, I’ve got a great new my space for The Black Lipstick Curse. Anyone reading this, please drop by and friend me. It’s More to come Heidi. Hope to run into you this year. You can meet my daughter.

  2. Is there a way I can actually meet you at San Diego? That sounds insane, but I tried meeting you at NYCC. That idea didn’t work because of your illness.