Anyone who was at last year’s San Diego on the comics side probably remembers Tr!ckster as a highlight — founded by cartoonist/animator Scott Morse and his friends as a comics-centric place to hang out, it featured books for sale, parties, concerts and an awesome spot right across the railroad tracks from the convention center where people could watch the madness and sit on the grass while drinking a glass of rose.

Well, the venue is new this year (rumor has it a nasty old Hollywood studio stole the old spot) but it looks to be just as awesome :

Always on the prowl, we’ve jumped to a new location for TR!CKSTER 2012! 795 J Street, San Diego, CA is our new home for July 11-14. We’ll be setting up camp at WINE STEALS/PROPER: a paired restaurant/pub with a full menu and multiple bars. Inside, you’ll find a wide array of new and unique creator-owned work available for purchase with the help of our friendly staff, while the creators of this work relax and converse throughout the day! A rooftop terrace will give you a spot to unwind under the sun with your favorite new creator-owned acquisition and a beverage, surrounded by creators and fans alike. We plan to once again feature symposia demos and discussions during the day and life drawing in the evenings, rounding out a most unique storytelling and art experience!

Morse and his friends have just launched a Twitter awareness campaign under the handle #ImGoingToTrickster2. An IndieGoGo campaign is also coming to help finance this.

Hey ya, it’s all crowdfunding, but it’s worth it to have a place to hangout without Community fans getting in the way.

More info later.


  1. Looking forward to dropping by during the Con!

    The new place is a little bit more of a walk from the Convention Center, but the set-up I think is better than cave-like the one last year— wider and having more light from the outside for better viewing of the books, artwork put on display.

    Too bad there’s no PADRES games to watch from from upstairs patio, though…