Remember back in the day two years ago when you could go on the Ace Parking site and buy advance parking for the San Diego Comic-Con?

Well, this is no more. A new random lottery based system has been put in place, to go with all the other random lottery systems for Comic-Con:

Comic-Con Fans: This time around, we’re doing it differently. We want to provide the best experience possible and take the pain and pressure out of the process. So for this years sale, we’re going to a lottery based system.
How does it work?
Registration is easy. Send an email into [email protected] and you’re done.
Ace will collect entries until April 12th and then hold a random drawing to select the winners.
If your entry is selected, you will be guaranteed a spot at one of our Ace locations.
The lots will be filled in order as shown below:
Convention Center
Hilton Garage
Petco Lots (excluding Campus lot which will be closed for construction during Comic-Con)
Padres Parkade
Diamond View Tower
Horton Plaza
Gaslamp City Square
Entries will be selected at random up to the capacity of each location. If your entry is selected, you will receive an email back from us by April 15th. Included in that email will be details on how to purchase your permit at the location you were drawn for. If you choose not to purchase your permit, it will be forfeited.

There WILL be inventory space available after these premium spots are filled.

Advance parking is a great way to reserve a space to avoid hours of circling, running over zombies and missing panels. Another great way to do that is to get one of the shuttle route hotels and take the shuttle or the trolley to the con every day.

Please, do not attempt to get a close hotel. Leave those for The Beat.


  1. Seems everything about the SDCC is getting worse every year.

    I’ll give it another 5 years before it finally implodes on itself and people start to refuse to show up.

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