After two melted servers and a stressful stress test that saw 1000 tickets sold in 60 seconds despite maddening lag times, Comic-Con International: San Diego is giving it a go again, putting passes to the annual 4-day nerd fest on sale at 9 am PST on Saturday, February 5th.

The entire process of just selling tickets has been fraught with frustrations and technical logjams. Last month, CCI’s David Glanzer told us, due to the massive server demands, an entire news system was set up with TWO companies — Epic Registration and TickeLeap — handling the requests. One company just takes a reservation and the other processes the tickets sales, hopefully when there is less of an onslaught of focused traffic.

The current announcement says only that details will be forthcoming, so the results of the stress test may modify this procedure.


  1. This has bad idea written all over it. I think they should “quietly” place the ticket sales online as it would be your responsibility to check the site every day and buy them.

    All this is going to lead is to another server crash, unless its powered by Google.

  2. I have tried for two years to get tickets for my grandson who is 19. I would love to buy these on line as he lives out of state and I cannot fight the lines for tickets due to an injury.
    Does this have to be so difficult??? On line is the best idea and Jake is right, everyone has to be responsible for their own tickets. Please come up with a better idea.