While MCU fans will have to wait until next year for Phase 4 to get underway, at least we have the bonkers WandaVision Disney Plus original series to tide us over this year. According to the revamped Marvel Studios schedule, 2022 will see four films in that single. And it appears Marvel Studios and Disney is making sure fans get their MCU fix.  Per a Variety Exclusive, it seems Samuel L. Jackson is set to reprise his role as former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury in a Disney Plus original series with Kyle Bradstreet attached to write and executive produce. Mr. Robot fans are well acquainted with Bradstreet’s work on the acclaimed series, so it’s safe to assume we can look forward to good old-fashioned techno spy thriller action you would expect from a Nick Fury series.

Despite completing his nine-picture deal contract with Marvel playing the character. Jackson has expressed in returning as the character. In fact, in a retrospective piece with THR, Jackson said he would happily play Nick Fury into his 80s and suggested, “I could be the Alec Guinness of Marvel movies.”

Fans will recall that Samuel L. Jackson did guest star in two episodes of the first season Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Fury, but the separation of Marvel Television and Marvel Studios since then seems to have regulated the events of AoS outside the MCU canon.

The last time we saw Fury in the MCU timeline last year in Spider-Man: Far from Home (which now seems like a lifetime ago) we discovered that he was actually taking a much deserved vacation sipping coconut drinks onboard a space ship while the Skrull Talos was secretly filling in for him back on Earth.

Samuel L Jackson Nick FuryIt’s tempting to assume the series will take place during Phase 4 or during Nick Fury’s early S.H.I.E.L.D. career prior to the events of Iron Man remains to be seen. If Captain Marvel and Marvel Studios has taught anything, wonderful things can be accomplished with de-aging technology and makeup.