Post-baby and lookin’ good! That Luba movie is still calling you, Salma!


  1. Met her years ago at a kevin smith shoot. beautiful in real life as in the photos and films…and shorter than i expected. thought she was awesome in FRIDA.

  2. Yes. She is short. A former colleague of mine met her years before she became famous and reported as much (or as little). But so far, gravity is still her friend.

    In related news, my wife ran into Sly Stallone in Vegas a few weeks ago (long story) and he’s on the wee side, too. So was Alan Ladd, I understand.

  3. but she’s supposed to be a Greek-like goddess, not some latin telemundo soap star. to be in the running she needs to lose the accent!

  4. Right!
    They can CGI a human torch. (Fantastic Four) They can fly the Brooklyn bridge around over the East River. (X-Men III) Bounce a bullet off of a guy’s eye in super slo-mo (Superman Returns) and I suppose they could make Salma Hayek speak with a Chinese accent if that’s what was required and I would imagine that if they wanted to add 15 feet to her heighth. Although,…why any of that would be necessary is beyond me. She’s perfect.

  5. I dunno… any accent is OK with me if she ties me up with that rope of hers! OMG and I def vol to help her into that outfit… into/out of!