§ Laurel Maury reviewed the final issue of Y THE LAST MAN for the Los Angeles Times. It’s the first time the paper has ever reviewed a single issue of a comic.

§ Mat Johnson and his INCOGNEGRO graphic novel are the subjects of a nice wire story:

But the roots of “Incognegro” also lie in Johnson’s own childhood. Johnson, who is of Irish and black descent, grew up in a predominately black neighborhood in Philadelphia at the height of the black power movement. As a black boy who looked white, he and his cousin would fantasize about going undercover, or “incognegro,” as race spies in a war against white supremacy.

The plot of “Incognegro” came together with the birth of Johnson’s twins two years ago – one with pale skin and red hair, the other with darker skin and black Afro hair.

“Then I just got the idea for dealing with two twins, who in part because of their appearance have led dramatically different lives,” Johnson said. “And that’s when it just started building from there.”

§ We don’t recall seeing secretary-turned-stripper-turned-screenwriting sensation Diablo Cody being signed up to write comics books yet but it would seem to be inevitable.

“I was reared on Marvel comics, so I’ve always been obsessed with writing a comicbook movie with a decidedly girlie bent. I would have to develop some chops at writing action sequences, but it would be a passion project.”

Then there’s the horror movie she wants to direct, having already written one set to go before the cameras after the strike. But when it comes to horror, “I’ve got a few more in me,” she says.


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