Thursdayhas truly become a night of must-see TV! First, new episodes of RAMSAY’S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES Last night, horror at …The Carvery!

Then…LOST! Great episode. A good mix of new mysteries but some answers, too. Love angry Asian ghosthunter Miles. Ken Leung is really excellent in this role. The best line: “You’re from Oceanic 815? WOW!” definitely smacked of Brian K. Vaughan. PLUS: as Beat Operative Mark Coale suggested in am email, are the new team The Fantastic Four or Challengers of the Unknown?

Finally…CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW! While this episode had a FEW reality show staples — talking to the camera and a funny “outside activity” — this continues to be more a documentary series than a reality show. The porn star ballerina and Chyna’s inability to admit she has a problem were very emotional moments. And seeing hopeless case Kenickie resurface to the point where he can tell his girlfriend is ruining his chances at sobriety is a riveting storyline .

It is wacky to see Bob Forrest as a counsellor on the show. The Beat remembers Bob from his days back with Thelonious Monster. He was the first person we knew of whom it was said, “Bob is only emotionally equipped to be one thing: a rock star,” Not true, apparently.


  1. ken leung is great! though he plays the angry guy often. sopranos final season. xmen 3: the last stand. :) great ep of LOST. i laughed out loud at that line you mentioned!