Today is Black Friday, when America celebrates their foundations through the buying of heavily discounted goods. The Beat, being a comics blog, strongly endorses the existence of sales and things being affordable, and in the spirit of that: here’s a list of the various comic book sales being held today.



Archie are leading off with a range of comics bundles, of all kinds, at massive discounts today.

Alongside that, the Archie shop will be offering 30% discounts on orders made today.


Boom Studios!

Boom’s sale started yesterday, with free shipping on all their titles and 15% discounts on licensed properties. All sales today over $60 will get a 25% discount, and all orders over $100 will get a 35% discount. They also have all kinds of other things going on this weekend – find more at their site.


Dark Horse Comics


Dark Horse are offering a bundle of Star Wars comics for sale – 150 issues for $100

On Monday, they’ll also be offering a 50% discount on purchases, with a $20 minimum. Follow this link to get that code.


DC Comics

DC Digital will be giving away free comics all weekend, from their new range of digital titles. This includes Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, Lil Gotham, Batman Beyond and The Adventures of Superman.



Drawn & Quarterly


D+Q are offering 40% off all their titles today. This includes books, comics, posters – everything!


Image Comics


There will be 50% off all of Image’s DRM-free digital comics today, in a promotion running from now until Monday, December 2nd.


Top Cow


Top Cow’s sale kicks off today, with a number of their books discounted for the holiday.