In news that could probably best be described as a “when, not if” story, David Tennant announced that he will be leaving DR WHO after the last of the TV specials scheduled for 2009 and 2010.

Numerous websites have speculated on who Doctor # 11 will be, including Rich’s rumor about Patterson Joseph. Just who new executive producer Steven Moffat will tab is probably quite a while away from being announced, but that won’t stop message boards around the world from throwing out crazy suggestions.

Hey, since they didn’t pick him to be James Bond, how about Beat favorite Clive Owen as the Doctor? That would likely go a long way to keeping the female viewership that Tennant brought to the venerable BBC program.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. Well, I’ll certainly miss Tennant–he did a lot to re-energize the series even further after Christopher Eccleston kicked things off in grand style. Hopefully Steven Moffat will avoid falling into the trap Russell T. Davies did of beating us over the head with Dalek and Rose Tyler appearances. Although, I wouldn’t mind the return of John Sims’s Master in the next full season…

    As for Joseph as the potential Eleventh Doctor, Rich Johnson’s YouTube link of his appearance in “Neverwhere” has me sold:

  2. 3 years in the role is considered a healthy run in the series. It’s how long Patrick Troughton, Peter Davidson, and Sylvester McCoy lasted.

    Look at the ones who were forgotten such as Colin Baker who couldn’t bearly last a season ( although that was the fault of a BBC strike )

    and Paul McGann??

    That guy couldn’t even survive through a made for TV movie!!

    And in other news – did everyone know here that Tom Baker (the 4th doctor ) is now the voice over narrator for the HBO series Little Britian USA?



  3. @sroman – I believe that Moffat has said that something to the effect of “time to put the daleks away for awhile.” I hope so, too.

    @ Coat – Baker has always been the narrator of Little Britain, as far as I know.

    From what people tell me, McGann does a very good job as the 8th Doctor on the Big Finish audios, so he likely could have been a servicable Doctor had the TV Movie led to a revitalized series.

    I’ll miss Tennant, but I agree that he’s staying just about the right length of time, but I would have liked to have seen one season of him as the Moffat Doctor.

  4. I didn’t like Tennant at all for some reason. I loved Christopher Eccleston in the part. He’s my favorite Doctor of them all so far with Tom Baker in second. Maybe the Doctor can do morph back to Eccleston to change it up…and bring back Rose!

  5. First “Quitstopher” and now we lose David…. :( *sniff* And lets not forget that the Doctor only gets 12 regenerations so he only has 13 lives… and the new guy will be 11. *sniff* I supppose he had to move on but I’ll miss David Tennant. I’ll always consider him My Doctor.

  6. This was seriously depressing news to read because Tennant has become arguably the most definitive Doctor since Tom Baker. Personally, I’m hoping that David Morrissey, who is appearing in the next episode interestingly titled “The Next Doctor,” is indeed the official Eleventh Doctor.

  7. Paul McGann is my favorite Doctor (if I have to pick only one)… if you’ve only ever experienced him as the Doctor in that horrid movie, you must go and listen to some of the audio adventures. The 8th Doctor is really quiet brilliant, and McGann is amazing… I keep hoping they’ll use him in some multi-Doctor epic to give him a chance to leave something memorable behind on TV to wipe away the movie.

    8th Doctor Audio Suggestions – – There are 2 seasons of audios done in the newer Doctor Who format, with a Rose like companion named Lucie Miller (who I like much better than Rose)… they are some really amazing audio adventures involving Zygons, Morbius, Cybermen, Daleks, and more… seriously if you only know the 8th doctor from the film, do yourself a favor and check these out!

    But I fully support the rumor of Patterson Joseph for the 11th Doctor – he is also quite brilliant.

  8. Yes, Little Britain USA is a new series with the Little Britain characters in the United States. It’s not just the airing on the original series on HBO. I believe Little Britain airs in the US on BBCAmerica.