Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik has told friends that Friday will be his last day at Top Cow, where he was publisher for the last 4 years of a 6-month stint. But fear not, Sablik has a NEW job at a comics publisher which he’ll be announcing at Comic-Con.

Jessi Reid, Top Cow’s Social Marketing Coordinator, will be taking over Sablik’s marketing duties at Top Cow.

Prior to Top Cow, Sablik worked at Diamond, so his overall industry smarts would work well at any number of companies. In addition, he’s one of the snappiest dressers on the comics circuit.

New job at a comics publisher, eh? Just a few hours ago Sablik was Instagrammed playing poker with Archaia’s Stephen Christy…but that’s probably a red herring.


Where would YOU go?

Correction: Reid is only taking over Sablik’s marketing duties, not his editorial and publishing position.


  1. Considering how erratic Top Cow’s publishing schedule has been compared to every other section of Image — hell, even Toddy Mac has published Spawn ontime for over a year now while Artifacts (now on its 18th issue) has *never* shipped on during the week it was solicited for — Sibilik’s departure is long overdue.

    The thing is, I have absolutely no confidence that Top Cow is capable of recruiting a competent publisher. Silvestri should just hand the reins over to Eric Stephenson since he’s running the rest of the company quite well.

  2. Jessi Reid is a beautiful, intellegent,talented person, incredible writer and has an comicly vast imagination, She will excel at any thing she is involved with always has and will continue to perform at peak copassity. She really has a passion for anything to do with the creation of concepts for the comic book and other associated fields in this realm. Good luck break a leg and reach for the stars! You can achieve anything you set your mind to, Jessi has, congratulation, keep being true to yourself!