Up to this point we at least have some idea for what the majority of DC’s future cinematic output is going to look like. While the 2016 films (Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad) are totally on the books and are either done filming or getting there, later year films like Wonder Woman, Justice League Parts 1 and 2, Aquaman, Shazam, and The Flash all have stars attached, and writers or directors. Even Cyborg already has its lead.

The one wild card here in the rebooted Green Lantern. Nary a peep has been whispered about it in recent months other than a casting rumor here and there, and Tyrese Gibson going on a promotional crusade to get the part.

But now, thanks to Collider, we finally at least have a rumor to chew on.

According to their report, they’ve heard that the new Green Lantern film will not just star Hal Jordan or John Stewart, but both of them, and potentially Guy Gardner as well. Going further, they state that the Green Lantern franchise from that point will never focus on just one Green Lantern, but the entire Corps. Matt over at Collider also surmises that we may end up meeting the new Green Lanterns (at least John and Hal) at SDCC during Warner Bros’ sure to be massive Hall H presentation.

Collider isn’t generally in the business of breaking unfounded rumors, and Latino-Review is hearing basically the same thing. So while it’s still a rumor, and even they admit things could still change for a film that’s years down the line in the production cycle (2020), it’s probably the most promising idea I’ve heard regarding this franchise in some time.


  1. Has DC scheduled a Hall H panel for the movies?
    All I see is the 8-11PM TV block.

    As for the multiple Green Lanterns, it makes sense.
    You can switch out actors once they become Rich and Famous.

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