Roxxon’s takeover of Marvel Comics kicks off with an event straight out of Al Ewing’s IMMORTAL THOR. As confirmed in yesterday’s report about what’s happening with Thor during the Roxxon age, the evil mega-corporation will start to tell its evil greedy personalized version of the titular hero with ROXXON PRESENTS: THOR #1

The series is meant to be a meta-commentary look at the evils of a large corporate entity owning beloved characters and having them operate as shallow versions of themselves to preserve corporate interests. It’s a scenario that sees Minotaur CEO Dario Agger turn Thor into an utter nincompoop, replacing the actual hero with an AI-spokesguru named Chad Hammer who goes on, what can only be described as, the worst/best intentionally written drivel I think ever witnessed within a Marvel comic.

To learn more about this meta-parody check out Marvel’s official press release and covers below.

New York, NY— January 25, 2024 — Yesterday, the industry was shook when they learned that Roxxon Energy Corporation had bought out Marvel Comics! Their first order of business will be releasing an all-new Thor one-shot this April titled ROXXON PRESENTS: THOR #1, and they even got current IMMORTAL THOR scribe Al Ewing and superstar Marvel artist Greg Land to create it! The one-shot will introduce the all-new ROXXIN’ THOR! Whenever saving the Earth is taken too far, the Roxxin’ Thor will be there to defend big business and the sanctity of shareholder value!

This strange turn of events should come as no surprise to those who have been reading Ewing’s IMMORTAL THOR run. Recent issues have shown Roxxon CEO Dario Agger, a.k.a. the Minotaur, orchestrate a bold plan to bring Thor down by warping the public’s perception of him. And how better to do that than by owning the rights to his hit 616 comic book series and showing the world what a buffoon he is! It’s the Thor fans truly know and love—no thoughts, just muscles, a hammer, and zero hesitation to bring them both down on the most one-dimensional villains ever seen in a comic book—along with anyone that gets in Roxxon’s way!

Over in IMMORTAL THOR #9, Ewing will continue his work with artist Ibraim Roberson as they bring in THE ENCHANTRESS! The Son of Odin goes to the corporate headquarters of Roxxon – to make war for the sake of the Earth herself. But his enemies are waiting to steal from him the one thing that was Thor’s alone…and they have crafted the foulest of weapons to do it. This is the story of THE IMMORTAL THOR…and of the trap he cannot escape. And if you didn’t follow any of that, just check out the glorious cover by Alex Ross below!

Meanwhile in in the OFFICIAL Thor title presented by Roxxon, meet the Roxxin’ Thor! In his secret identity as A.I. spokesguru Chad Hammer, the son of Odin knows Mama Gaea is a TOP PRIORITY for heroes AND for business! But when a group of insane environmental activists take “saving the Earth” TOO FAR, it’s time to show them the wisdom on both sides – as Thor! But which God of Evil is prompting the kids to rebel? Could it be…LOKI, GOD OF EVIL??? Featuring an all-star cast of heroes! MINOTAUR! EXECUTIONER! ENCHANTRESS! And the THOR-TRUCK! This is the story of THE ROXXIN’ THOR… and it’s a VITAL part of the “ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTION” MEGA-EVENT!

Here’s what Ewing was forced to say about this shocking development: “Roxxon’s hostile takeover of Marvel Comics is the worst thing to happen to the industry in decades just what comic books needed! I was horrified jazzed beyond words when I saw how the so-called Roxxon Entertainment Standards Committee had gutted improved my work, methodically stripping away every iota of poetry, symbolism and metaphor junk no one cares about. The result is a comic that can best be described as an act of unforgivable violence against the medium I love a rollicking good time for the whole family! May God forgive Roxxon, for I never shall! Make Mine Roxxon!”


Written by AL EWING


Cover by ALEX ROSS

On Sale 4/3



Written by AL EWING

Art and Cover by GREG LAND

On Sale 4/18