Marvel’s rich heritage of teaser images continued late yesterday with the announcement of THE ROXXIN’ THOR by the team of Al Ewing, Greg Land and Nick Bradshow – a title apparently ushering in the Roxxon Age of Comics.

Marvel Comics, now a proud subsidiary of Roxxon, presents an exclusive look at the upcoming adventures of THE ROXXIN’ THOR.

Fear not, True Believers – More information will be revealed later this week.

The teaser in this case was by artist Nick Bradshaw and shows Dario Agger aka Minotaur as a corporatized version of Thor – in the current comic he’s been buying the rights to OUR Earth’s Thor comics, so this is apparently his version?

AIPT Comics found the solicitation for the issue coming out April 17. 

From the pages of IMMORTAL THOR – the ROXXON AGE OF COMIXX BEGINS! In his secret identity as A.I. spokesguru CHAD HAMMER, the son of Odin knows Mama Gaea is a TOP PRIORITY for heroes AND for business! But when a group of insane environmental activists take “saving the Earth” TOO FAR, it’s time to show them the wisdom on BOTH sides – AS THOR! But WHICH God of Evil is prompting the kids to rebel? Could it be…LOKI, GOD OF EVIL??? Featuring an all-star cast of heroes! MINOTAUR! EXECUTIONER! ENCHANTRESS! And the THOR-TRUCK! This is the story of THE ROXXIN’ THOR… and it’s a VITAL part of the “ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTION” MEGA-EVENT!


Roxxon is a longterm mainstay of the Marvel Universe as their standard issue evil corporation – a concept so old it was even around when I read Marvel comics, and they seem just the type to take over Marvel with an AI version.

Although readers love Al Ewing and his work for Marvel, the selection of artist Greg Land seemed to have metaversal implications as he’s known for his, um, tributes to other artists (and even his own work.) So Land drawing the Roxxon version of Thor is itself a commentary on our times? Or maybe just Marvel hiring an artist who works steady.

Anyway, we’ll learn more in April and May!