A webtoon adaption of Metallic Rouge, the new original anime series from legendary anime studio Bones, starts on March 7, 2023.

The announcement was made on both the Line Manga Twitter account and the Japanese website for the series. This is an unusual announcement in that most adaptations of anime series or video games are serialized in manga magazines. This may be the first original anime series adapted for the popular and relatively new webtoon format. While it remains to be seen if other studios will create adaptations using the webtoon format, it’s interesting that a studio as well known as Bones is using it for their new original series. Tokyo Meika and Chita Tsurushima will adapt the series while whoever oversees production. It will also be available at ebookjapan.

Here’s the press release from the show’s website translated into English, along with the key art.

It has been decided that the TV anime Metallic Rouge will be made into a webtoon. It will be serialized on “LINE Manga” and “ebookjapan” from March 7th (Thursday). Utilizing the full-color, vertical scrolling format unique to webtoon, the story of the battle of the android girl Rouge is depicted with overwhelming force. While enjoying the TV anime, please look forward to the serialization of the webtoon work Metallic Rouge.

“Metallic Rouge”
Original work: BONES, Yutaka Izubuchi
Illustration: Meika Tokyo
Name: Chita Tsurushima
Production: whomor

The latest battle action work from Bones x Yutaka Izubuchi! A futuristic world set on Mars where humans and androids coexist.
An android girl, Rouge, and her buddy, Naomi, are burdened with the harsh mission of “killing nine androids who are hostile to the government.”
Their fierce battle unfolds in a deep tech noir science fiction setting.

The series will be serialized on LINE Manga and ebookjapan from March 7, 2024.


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