200801040337Latino Review takes yesterday’s Anne Thompson story and spins it into confirmation that Brandon Routh won’t be returning as the Man of Steel:

Kelvin knew about Brandon not being the new Superman for weeks and weeks now, but made a promise to the DC people that he wouldn’t break the story. Variety has now confirmed what we’ve secretly known for a while and Brandon Routh will be replaced in the stand alone sequel by whomever is cast as Superman in the upcoming Justice League of America movie.

While we can’t say we’re not surprised, we do think Routh looked the part and didn’t do a bad thing all things considered. Plus be made a fine butter statue. So…let his name be honored in the Superman Annals if this is true.


  1. This makes me sad. I considered becoming his stalker, but opted against the hassle of it all. Seriously, though, he was really promising. Damn bloated box office expectations and runaway budgets!

  2. I thought he was good, especially as Clark. I guess someone had to take the fall for the middling box office returns. But the movie’s big problem was that it felt like a coma.

  3. Didn’t Routh, and the rest of the cast, have sequels included in their contract for “Returns”? If WB makes a new Supes film without them, won’t they have to buy out those actors? Won’t that sky rocket the budget of this new movie, once again resulting in a film that’s so costly it will be a bomb no matter how well it does in theaters?

  4. I don’t care what anyone else says, but for me, I wish to Rao they would cast Tom Welling right from Smallville. I think he’d do a great job and already has recognition across the country as Kal-El

  5. I actually wanted to see how the team from Superman Returns would have been able to push things farther for sequel. Recasting would feel like starting from scratch.

  6. I’m surprised that so many on this site thought Routh was good. He seemed only to imitate Christopher Reeves, poorly, but didn’t have the same depth and charisma as Reeves. IMO his acting was terrible. Considering Tom Welling’s excellent performances and identity, he would have made the absolute best Superman if he had been willing and able.

  7. It’s Christopher Reeve, not Reeves. You’d make a better self-styled Superman authority if you knew how to correctly spell the name of the most legendary actor to wear the big red “S.”

  8. I didn’t want Routh gone. What I did want gone was the plot! Get rid of the kid and the marriage to another guy. What the hell is that? I know that comic book movies tend to go in a different direction than the original work, but aren’t Lois and Clark meant to be together?

  9. Carl: I wish to Rao they would cast Tom Welling right from Smallville. I think he’d do a great job and already has recognition across the country as Kal-El

    AMEN. If WB knew what they were doing they’d have spun Smallville into the new films (or where they seem to be going now, prepping for Welling’s departure and continuing with van der Voort [sp?] as Supergirl), but they got greedy and thought they could have two Supermans simultaneously. Instead we have two adequate but lackluster renditions. Yay. Thank you, Warners.

    And though I don’t think he was atrocious, I was completely nonplussed by Routh as Supes. Whether that’s his doing or the fault of Singer or the script or whatever, I was not feeling it. Kevin Spacey was really the only part of that film that hit the nail on the head; I say keep him and jettison all else. Quit trying to recreate the glory of the Chris Reeve flicks; if you don’t have something new to say with the mythos, leave it alone.