The Beat can’t stop playing Battle for Wesnoth. Maybe it’s just avoidance. Maybe it’s the cold weather. We’re trying to beat the dragons in “The Rise of Wesnoth” and it is not easy, let me tell you. Meanwhile we have to stop because not only do we have too much on our plate, but our wrist is giving out. Seriously, there’s a swelling on the side of it from clicking too much!

We have a few things coming up — our year end review, which we’ve skipped for two years, but third time the charm. Our Best Comics list, which we skipped last year, but there was too much going on to ignore this year!

For 2008 we are looking for another intern to do the hard work so we have more time for Wesnoth. Duties will include putting together the events listing and carrying boxes around. This can be a long distance internship (so no box carrying), however, someone from SVA, home of all good interns, probably makes more sense. Email us if you are interested or know someone who is.

And now Posting at The Beat:

We are not happy with fanboy/girl wailing and whining about this or that . Really. We like to link to superhero news and trends but this is not the place for “First post! ” and all that crap. And yes we encourage *intelligent* discussion of storylines and trends at the big two and other stuff, but all this “Oh shit! DC Sux!” or “Joe Quesada kiled my dog!” bilge is tiring us out and making us play a lot of Battle for Wesnoth. We don’t really have time for vigorous message board modding, but maybe our NEW INTERN will, hint hint hint.

What is “intelligent discussion” you may be asking? Sadly, it is so much easier to pinpoint the opposite, like all the people who are saying they would have liked J. Michael Straczynski’s ending to “One More Day.” Give me a break! You would have hated it anyway! There is no way this would have placated the fans. They would be whining just s much.

Fans like to complain. They complain and complain and complain, online at their LCS, and around other fans.

But they keep buying the comics they are complaining about.

And everyone at Marvel and DC knows this. So they will keep doing whatever it is you are complaining about and laughing all the way to the cash bar.

Don’t get us wrong, we love out posters. But even some of the stalwarts have gotten carried away of late.

So just to reiterate:



“I stopped buying Potato Man after the ‘Cosmic Peeler’ storyline. The new direction just didn’t appeal to me and I discovered I was growing up and liked having sex and reading Chris Ware comics.”


  1. Gah! Me too! (To the Wesnoth thing) I actually had to delete it from my desktop yesterday so I could start getting some work done…