Doomsday Clock issue #4 hits comic shops this week and issue #5 won’t be released until May with a bi-monthly released schedule announced for 12-issue miniseries from DC Comics.

Given the caliber of talent involved and the scope of the project, patience on the part of the readers is completely understandable.

Even with the delays, artist Gary Frank occasionally posts teases on social media to whet our appetites. A few days ago, Frank posted a variant cover for issue #7 depicting what appears to be Watchmen’s Rorshach encountering the Clown Prince of Crime. The results are messy as you can see below.

Courtesy of colorist Brad Anderson, a fully colored version-

This being comics, whether or not the cover reflects a story element or there’s more going on remains to be seen. Let’s see if Joker and Walter Kovacs a.k.a. have a brush with each other before the end of the series.