We told you earlier that it sounded like Doomsday Clock was going bi-monthly?

Geoff Johns tweeting about it is pretty much as official as you’re going to want.  That’s his project and here’s what he had to say:

So there you go, bi-monthly until we’re told otherwise.

And then Johns added a bit of fuel to the chatter about a Justice Society comic spinning out of Doomsday Clock:

Without getting into spoilers, yes. there’s something in there for JSA fans.  It’s early stage set-up, but it’s there.

Of course, taken on the whole, this is likely to make Justice Society fans ask which will come out first:  the final issue of Doomsday Clock or the often-promised, never delivered collected edition of the Strazewski/Parobeck Justice Society run?


  1. This is bad new for retailers as something that actually sold very well will now be missing every other month from the shelves (and let’s face it, stretching out the series this long is going to end up losing the interest of a certain percentage of buyers).

  2. On the other hand a bimonthly schedule will keep fans coming into their LCS longer, ultimately giving retailers a chance to make more money via add-on sales. I wouldn’t mind a series if DOOMSDAY CLOCK specials in the off months but I don’t expect one.

  3. This is a dissapointment. It seems they start publishing series before they know they will be able to deliver on a monthly, or any other, schedule. The care Gary and Geoff put into the series is apparent, and it is to their credit that they want to keep up this level of commitment. But to me, it seems like bad editorial planning, just like with DK III Master Race or Sandman Overture. Delays like these happening to prestige projects hurt the credibility of the industry.
    Or maybe it is another sign of the old-fashioned way of selling comics no longer being viable? If you want quality you can’t be on a monthly schedule, and vice versa. If you choose to publish 10 comics of a geven series in a year, instead of 12, you gain about one week per issue to do the work.

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