Sad news. Writer Roger Slifer is still in a coma following a hit and run accident two weeks ago. Jim Salicrup has been updating his condition on Facebook, and on Sunday posted this from a friend of Slifer’s:

Will Alovis

Hi All,

Just now got back from visiting with Roger at the hospital. Wish there was something more to report, but 2 weeks in he’s still in critical but stable condition, and still completely non-communicative. He requires an anti-seizure medicine which as a side-effect can make him sleepy, so that may contribute to his lack of lucidity. On the bright side, the swelling has decreased dramatically and he once again looks like the Roger we know and love, though I’m sure he’d have something to say about the haircut they gave him.

I promise to continue keeping you all posted as his recovery continues and when there’s more to share.

Thanks again for all your love, care, concern, good wishes and prayers! Roger still needs them, and we believe they’re going to help him tremendously.

Meanwhile, the Hero Initiative is accepting donations for Slifer to help with medical and financial assistance. You can PayPal some money to them at their site. Network For Good is also accepting donations.