Joe Hughes at Comics Alliance has the launch details for a new 6-issue miniseries at Vertigo next year, The Royals: Masters of War. Written by Rob Williams and drawn by Simon Colby, two names familiar to anybody who’ve been following 2000AD over the last few years, the miniseries will give super powers to the Royal Family.


As if Harry couldn’t be any MORE eligible, right? But this will be set around the time of the Second World War, with each issue detailing a different event during the conflict. Starting with the Battle of Britain, the series will move from Stalingrad to D-Day to the Downfall, and so on. Prince Henry will be the lead character of the series, after deciding during the Blitz that it’s finally time for his super-powered clan to get involved in the fighting.

Due for release in February, the series will also feature variant covers from Brian Bolland.


  1. I remember when Vertigo was the place that didn’t do superhero stories. But, I suppose with no more Wildstorm (which would have been the perfect place for this– not the Wildstorm universe, but rather the imprint that had mature reader alternate history superhero stories like Ex Machina, The American Way, Red Menace, and others) then the Wildstorm projects will now become Vertigo ones.

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