Blummin’ great news out today, as Oni Press have announced a release date for Volume 2 of Bad Machinery, John Allison’s webcomic. This follows on from the success of volume one, which collected together his story The Case of the Team Spirit. Due in March next year, volume 2 will collect The Case of the Good Boy.


A long-running series which you can find online here, Bad Machinery tells a series of mysteries which are subsequently investigated by a group of schoolchildren, during their afternoons off. And each week, the various characters manage to sound EXACTLY like my sister, and all her friends. It’s the most accurate depiction of chummy northern kids in the history of comics!

To get an idea of the tone of the series, have a look at this announcement strip —



Bad Machinery Vol 2 goes onsale March 14th, 2014.


  1. This is a great series. Better than anything DC is doing right now. Probably better than most of Marvel’s current stuff. Definitely the best web-comic.

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