Deadline have announced that Rob Thomas, the creator of shows like Veronica Mars and Party Down, will next be moving onto a TV adaptation of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s iZombie. Written for Vertigo Comics, the series focused on Gwen, a zombie-woman who can pass for human so long as she eats a nice brain every so often. This adaptation will take the comic and bring it to the CW.


The description of the show on Deadline makes it sound like it has the concept of the comic fairly accurately down – medical student eats brains to remain human-like, and also gains the memories of those brains she consumes – but also adds in a crime procedural element to things. With zombies being the most popular thing around right now, it makes sense for production companies to look for other comics with zombies in ’em – and iZombie was one of the very best zombie comics ever told.

So this is an interesting development! I hope Roberson and Allred are seeing some huge cheques in the mail soon. Will there be any shows next year which aren’t based on comics?


  1. Man, what an amazing couple of days. First Jessica Jones gets a series, and now iZombie? Awesome, especially with Rob Thomas on board. He can be hit and miss, but Veronica Mars is an all-time great, so my hopes are high.

  2. Maybe the TV show will get fans attention as most ignored the excellent comic.

    I hope they don’t futz around with the format too much. I liked Gwen as a grave-digger. Hope they keep Ellie and Scott.

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