In a rush for an attention getting headline, instead of checking with the most accessible comics pro on Twitter, another site this morning announced Rob Liefeld was retiring from comics, after seeing a Facebook comment

Ethan, I am retired from comics but you have my blessing, it would look great if you drew it

Upon awakening Liefeld tweeted:

So some time off to spend time with his family then. We won’t get rid of Rob Liefeld so easily.


  1. There was much rejoicing.
    And then there was much sadness.
    Actually, as long as Liefeld sticks to creator owned projects, I think fans will be happy. His fans can then read his material and the rest of us who don’t particularly care for his work don’t have to worry about him coming in and ‘messing up’ titles we regularly read.

  2. Yeah, shame on the publisher who messed up Cable and Deadpool by hiring Rob Liefeld to create/co-create them years ago.
    The NERVE of those guys.
    Comics is one crazy business sometimes.

  3. Liefeld co-created Cable with two other people and blatantly ripped off Deathstroke from the Teen Titans to create Deadpool. It’s the creators who have worked on the characters after Liefeld left for Image who gave them their real personalities.

  4. The sad thing is that I didn’t know he had ever returned to comics. Well, that’s not entirely true, I remember about seven years ago he did an issue or two of Cable or something where he was scanning in pencil art, darkening it in Photoshop and then crediting himself with “inks”, but I was pretty sure that died after two issues?

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