Artist Stan Lynde, creator of the comic strip Rick O’Shay and one of the best known Western comics artists, has died at age 81. The cause was cancer. Back in November, it was reported that Lynde was retiring and planning a move to Ecuador with his wife…hope he had as much adventure as his last months could allow.

Rick O’Shay debuted in 1958 and ran for 20 years. He followed that up with Latigo, another Western-themed comic strip.


  1. Rick O’Shay and Dick Tracy were the only serialized comic strips I followed prior to The Amazing Spider-Man. I remember religious Rick O’Shay strips on Easter & Christmas, with a point of view that one could be religious apart from organized religion (http://stanlynde.net/images/site_graphics/Rick_OShay_-_EASTER_-_prints_Feb_19_2008_011.jpg), but I don’t recall preachiness… it has been a long time though and I did not read the strip to the end of its run.

    BTW I am an atheist and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ben-Hur recently.

  2. Stan Lynde was one of the best, to illustrate the old west. No one goes beyond his character: Hipshot. Mr. Lynde had a fantastic line and good humor. He is missed among many fans of comics….also in a far away country like DENMARK!!!

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