Sharon Sakai, wife of Usagi Yojimbo artist Stan Sakai passed away this morning after a long battle with a brain tumor. Sakai wrote on Facebook:

Sharon passed away at 9:00 this morning.

She died exactly the way she wanted to–at home, surrounded by her family. Matthew flew home from up north, where he is going to school, yesterday.

Thank you all so much for your love, prayers and support.

Sharon was beloved by all who knew her from conventions or in real life, and my heart goes out to Stan and his family. Sharon’s long battle, and her family’s attempts to cope with its effects were chronicled in a matter of fact fashion by Sakai on his FB page, and several benefits were held for them in the past year.


  1. I was lucky enough to have met Sharon Sakai 5 or 6 times when set up at San Diego Comic-Con in the mid-aughts. Both she & Stan were incredibly gracious to me as a newbie colorist on someone else’s book, & her rapport w/ Stan was evident from the get-go. I can’t imagine having a high school sweetheart like that & then having to let them go. Stan’s care for Sharon changed how I think about what it means to love someone for their whole life.

    Deepest sympathies to Stan, his children Matthew & Hannah, & their whole family.

  2. Deepest sympathies to Stan and his family at this time. May her happy memories remain strong in you and help balance the loss.

  3. Very sad to hear this news. I remember I got to interview Stan for a school project and he and Sharon were so nice and accommodating even though I was just a random kid. Such nice people. Wishing Stan and his family strength through this difficult time.

  4. I’ve never met Stan or Sharon, being in Australia it’s unlikely, but for the joy Usagi and his world have given me, I’m so sorry for the joy you have recently lost Mr Sakai. Deepest sympathy to your family.

  5. Aw. What a beautiful loving couple.

    I had met Stan at a local art museum as part of an exhibit of real samurai armor. One of the nicest creators I have met. My heart goes out to that sweet man and his family.

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