Damn it. 2016 may be the year we lost our heroes but 2017 is turning out to be the year you lose your friends. I’ve already lost three and now comes word that actor Miguel Ferrer has passed away at age 61.

Miguel was a classic “Who’s that guy?” character actor who was in everything from Robocop to NCIS. I first met him the night of Jack Kirby’s 70th birthday party in the basement of the Hotel San Diego – a locale where his character in Traffic would later meet his end.  He was sitting at a table with his friend Bill Mumy and artist Steve Leialoha and they were talking about how they should start a band to play at comic book conventions.

That band later became Seduction of the Innocent with Miguel on drums, Bill on guitar, Steve on bass and Max Allan Collins on keys.  I guess you had to be there. I attended many SOTI concerts as well as shows of The Jenerators, another band that featured Bill and Miguel and their compatriots better known for music in my Los Angeles rock days.

I shared many drinks, laughs and late night comic book geek outs with Miguel, a very early “nerdlebrity” who didn’t let his place as Hollywood royalty – his father was Jose Ferrer, his mother Rosemary Clooney – stop him from being a comic book fan. (And yes, George Clooney is his cousin.) On one memorable occasion I shared the stage with SOTI and Trina Robbins at WonderCon, an event that ended with Trina beating Bill with my belt when they sang “Pussy Whipped.”

In his role as FBI forensics expert Albert Rosenberg he added a cynical edge to Twin Peaks (he also starred in the little known insanely bizarre David Lynch follow-up On the Air)  – a role he will reprise in May’s revival.

Anyway, I am totally sad now. Miguel, you were one of a kind and I am so glad to have known you. NEumZLKLw1BAyy_1_b.jpg



  1. I was terribly saddened by this news–coming, ironically, on the same day as the announcement that Miguel was voicing Deathstroke for the animated movie TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT. I’ve been a fan of Miguel Ferrer since his Barnes & Barnes days. Condolences to his family, friends colleagues and many, many fans.

  2. Yeah. In top of starring in twin peaks. I remember him very fondly for Comet Man, one of the most daring super hero mini Marvel ever published.

  3. Korrekshun!

    I have mistakenly operating under the belief for years that Miguel Ferrer was half of Barnes & Barnes. However it was Bill Mumy and ROBERT HAIMER who comprised that duo. I regret my mistake.

    Ferrer DID act as drummer for the celeb band Seduction of the Innocent.

  4. I think MIguel may have guested on Barnes and Barnes? He was in another band with Mumy called The Jenerators that Haimer played with occasionally. You know, it’s all one little world among musicians who like to jam, esp. in SoCal.

    Barnes & Barnes is one of mr all time favs. Dr. Demento, Rhino Records.

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